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Digital TV Labs Awarded HbbTV Association Tender to Develop an HbbTV2.0 Test Suite

Digital TV Labs has won a tender from the HbbTV Association to develop the tests for key new technologies of companion screen and media and device synchronisation for the HbbTV 2.0 test suite - the next generation of the widely deployed DVB broadcast hybrid standard. HbbTV 2.0, which also includes HTML 5.0, HEVC and DVB DASH amongst other technologies, enables richer consumer services and new opportunities to monetise content for broadcasters and operators.

Digital TV Labs to Become First Approved Lab for Malaysian DTT HbbTV Receivers

Digital TV Labs has been awarded accreditation from the Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) to become the first lab facility for the Malaysian Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcast Service Receiver Specification, including the interactive HbbTV profile. 

Digital TV Labs Announce World’s First Independent ‘HbbTV App Lab’ for HbbTV Developers

Digital TV Labs has recently launched the world’s first independent ‘HbbTV App Lab’ which enables developers to test their HbbTV applications on a wide range of real HbbTV devices to ensure interoperability in the real world. 

Digital TV Labs Announce World’s First HbbTV 2.0 Test Suite

Digital TV Labs are in the process of developing the world’s first HbbTV 2.0 test suite which will include DVB DASH and Microsoft PlayReady DRM. It will ensure compliance with the technical specification outlined as part of the recently announced Freeview connected service which is currently being developed by Digital UK. Digital TV Labs has been awarded the contract to develop the official test suite to support the service. 

Contracts Awarded and Tech Details Available for Connected Freeview Service

Digital UK today announced the signing of major contracts to build and test a new Freeview branded connected TV service.

HbbTV Training Course: Asia

Digital TV Labs has partnered with Icareus and Screen Systems to offer a three day comprehensive HbbTV training course, to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia between 28th-30th October 2014.

Digital TV Labs Announces HEVC Solutions for UHDTV/4K OTT and DVB Broadcast Markets

Digital TV Labs, the digital media testing company that specialises in testing tools and services for validating digital media and device conformance, is launching a range of products designed to aid in the development and deployment of next generation 4K / UHDTV services utilising the latest HEVC compression standard. 

Digital TV Labs at IBC 2014

Digital TV Labs Announces New HEVC & UHDTV Media QA Tools At IBC 2014

Following the release of three new products designed to improve interoperability between media devices, this year’s IBC event is set to be the most exciting to date for global media and device testing specialists, Digital TV Labs. There will be demos of all three products running on their stand – 5.A01 providing an opportunity to discuss the range of media delivery solutions offered for DVB, HbbTV, HEVC, UHDTV and DASH. 

HE-AAC Test Suite Launched at NAB by Digital TV Labs and Fraunhofer IIS

Digital TV Labs and Fraunhofer IIS have joined forces to develop the world’s first MPEG-4 HE-AAC audio test suite for DVB receivers now available to broadcast device manufacturers.

Digital TV Labs appointed official certified test centre for Ghana DTT receiver conformance.

Digital TV Labs has been appointed as an accredited test centre for DTT receiver conformance in Ghana, supporting the country’s digital switchover.

Abertis Deploys Digital TV Labs’ Ligada iSuite for Spanish TDT Hibrida HbbTV Testing

Digital TV Labs has announced that Spanish DTT network operator, Abertis Telecom, has been using its leading Ligada iSuite test harness and test suite to ensure uniform HbbTV receiver conformance for the new Spanish TDT Hibrida platform.

Digital TV Labs launches Ligada iSuite for HbbTV / CI+ at IBC 2013

Digital TV Labs is launching Ligada iSuite for HbbTV / CI+ at IBC 2013.  Leveraging our extensive HbbTV and CI+ expertise, this is a purpose-built test tool to ensure interoperability between HbbTV devices supporting CI+ modules.

Digital TV Labs launches Ligada iSuite for MPEG DASH at IBC 2013

Digital TV Labs launches Ligada iSuite for DASH, a DASH264 profile conformance and interoperability Test Suite, built to run on its versatile and widely adopted Ligada iSuite Test Harness.

DVB Experts Digital TV Labs and Fraunhofer IIS join Forces for MPEG-4 HE-AAC Audio Compliance at IBC2013

Digital TV Labs and Fraunhofer IIS partner to provide audio compliance program for DVB receivers.

Digital TV Labs Launches First Official Conformance Service for the New HbbTV Logo Program

Digital TV Labs has announced a conformance testing service for the new HbbTV logo program for hybrid devices. As the first HbbTV Registered Test Centre, the company will provide a fast and efficient service to deliver the official HbbTV test report required by manufacturers to license the logo.

Digital TV Labs Mitigates UK DTT Freeview Receiver Test for 4G LTE Interference

Digital TV Labs has launched a service that enables Freeview receivers to be tested for susceptibility of interference from 4G LTE mobile services.

Asian HbbTV Expansion Highlighted by Key Players at BroadcastAsia 2013 Seminar

Digital TV Labs will be working alongside Dolby, httv and Optiva Media to host an exclusive seminar in recognition of the increasing interest in HbbTV across Asia at Broadcast Asia on 19th June.


Digital TV Labs becomes DLNA Independent Certification Vendor (ICV)

Digital TV Labs becomes Accredited DLNA Independent Certification Vendor (ICV)


Open IPTV Forum Commissions Digital TV Labs To Provide An OIPF Test Suite

Open IPTV Forum (OIPF) has comissioned Digital TV Labs to provide an OIFP Test Suite, critical to enabling interoperability for Connected TVs and delivering cost savings to the whole IPTV industry.


Digital TV Labs Is The First Official HbbTV Test Centre

Digital TV Labs is the first Officially Registered HbbTV Test Centre, licensed to certify compliance with the latest HbbTV test suite.




Official HbbTV Test Suite release Supported by Ligada iSuite Advanced Test Environment

Digital TV Labs has today announced its full support for the official release of the HbbTV Test Suite via its advanced Ligada iSuite test harness. The company is also offering manufacturers a 30-day free trial of Ligada iSuite.



ANGA Reveals Market Awareness Regarding HbbTV App Conformance

ANGA 2012 revealed HbbTV Application conformance issues as a key topic of market interest.



Digital TV Labs Supports Latest HbbTV v1.5 Standard With Ligada Test Suite And New Ligada Validator For HbbTV App Testing

Digital TV Labs announces the release of its HbbTV/OTT test harness and suite, Ligada iSuite, supporting the HbbTV 1.5 standard amongst other features, and Ligada HbbTV Validator for application developers.



Digital TV Labs Launches CI Plus v1.3 Test Tool As Mandatory Certification Date Appoaches

Digital TV Labs has announced the launch of CI Plus v1.3 Test Tool. CI Plus 1.3 will become mandatory for all new device registrations from 1st August this year.



Digital TV Labs and Farncombe launch industry’s first TNT 2.0 test suite for manufacturers of HbbTV connected TV devices

HD Forum appoints Farncombe and Digital TV Labs (DTVL) to design a test suite to ensure secure adaptive streaming on connected TV devices

TNT 2.0 test suite includes support for Marlin and Microsoft PlayReady DRMs plus MPEG-DASH



Anga Cable Show Preview 2012

HbbTV Ligada Validator

Ligada iSuite including HbbTV v1.5 and MPEG DASH Adaptive Streaming

CI Plus v1.3 Test Tool


Digital TV Labs Announces HbbTV Compliance Test Suite and Services

Digital TV Labs is announcing at ANGA 2011 the launch of an HbbTV test suite, designed to provide core conformance and interoperability testing  for manufacturers until a full HbbTV compliance regime is in place. The company is also launching HbbTV professional test services.


Digital TV Labs Launches First Commercial ISDB-T Test Receiver Suite

Digital TV Labs has announced that it has developed and shipped the first commercially available receiver test suite for digital terrestrial deployments of the ISDB-T standard, beginning with test services for South America.


African DTT Rollouts Advance as NGB Contracts Digital TV Labs for Receiver Quality Assurance Package

Digital TV Labs has announced that it has been contracted by NGB – Next Generation Broadcasting, who operate as the consumer brand Smart TV – to supply a DVB-T/T2 receiver conformance regime which will assist the successful rollout of DTT services in select African markets.


Digital TV Labs Automates HbbTV Consortium Test Suite with Ligada iSuite

Digital TV Labs has further advanced the world of HbbTV conformance testing by announcing a reduction in test time via automating key functionality within its pioneering Ligada iSuite. The tool will be fully compliant with the official HbbTV Test Suite and already allows receiver manufacturers to bring HbbTV-ready products to market quickly and cost-effectively.


Digital TV Labs' Ligada Test Tool Facilitates Opera HbbTV Browser Integration

Digital TV Labs has announced that it is working closely with Opera, the globally renowned browser supplier, to provide CE manufacturers with a swift and easy integration of the company’s new HbbTV-ready browser technology.



Digital TV Labs Offers Turnkey Interoperability Solution for OTT, Hybrid and HbbTV Operators

Digital TV Labs has announced a turnkey solution enabling OTT operators to ensure seamless delivery of services based on its market-leading Ligada iSuite test server and test suite solution.


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