Official French TNT2.0 Test Suite

Ligada for HbbTV & TNT2.0

Digital TV Labs, as a leading contributor to the HbbTV Forum and emerging next generation country specific platforms, has played a crucial part in the development of the TNT 2.0 Test Suite.

The TNT 2.0 test suite was commissioned by the HD Forum specifically for the latest French OTT platform for the TNT terrestrial network, and is designed to check conformance to the TNT 2.0 Terminal Specification v1.1.

The Test Suite comprises three main elements:

Tests to check conformance with the HbbTV 1.2.1 profile of DASH. There are over 100 test cases containing streams various representations and bitrates, including checks on the receiver behaviour under varying bandwidth conditions.

Tests to check DRM conformance for both Marlin and Microsoft PlayReady when integrated with HbbTV. These tests include assets streamed via basic HTTP and via DASH, with checks that various playback modes operate correctly when the asset is DRM protected.


Tests to check conformance to certain requirements that are specific to the French TNT 2.0 market. As described in the TNT 2.0 Terminal Specification v1.1.


The TNT 2.0 Test Suite seamlessly works with Digital TV Labs leading Ligada Test Harness, providing manufacturers a single solution for all HbbTV testing and conformance requirements.

For more information about Ligada iSuite, or to request your free demo, please contact us.


The HbbTV Experts

HbbTV is an industry standard which harmonises the delivery of entertainment through broadcast and broadband. Digital TV Labs is an active member of the HbbTV Consortium and the highest single contributor to the Official HbbTV Test Suite, with over 40% of the test cases authored by our HbbTV Development Engineers. In 2012, we became the first officially Registered HbbTV Test Centre. We work closely with the other HbbTV members and HbbTV profile platform operators at a number of the plug-fest interoperability workshops, in order to ensure full test coverage for Ligada iSuite.

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