HbbTV for Application Developers


Digital TV Labs is also able to support HbbTV application developers, with a complete range of products and services to ensure full interoperability with HbbTV compliant devices.

With the Preliminary HbbTV Conformance Test Suite currently unavailable and each receiver behaving differently due to different browser integrations, it is clear that developers will need to test their applications on the widest possible selection of current HbbTV receivers to ensure a high quality consumer experience. Digital TV Labs' reputation and experience in HbbTV enables us to offer the most relevant validation services to application developers.


  • HbbTV Application Lab
  • Application Testing Service
  • Ligada HbbTV Validator


HbbTV Application Lab

We've built up a huge collection of HbbTV receivers in our UK lab to form a complete receiver lab. Through our excellent relationships with CE manufacturers we have access to the latest pre-production models and software versions. We have painstakingly characterised each of these receivers using our library of recorded and live HbbTV applications, and can also check HbbTV specification conformance using the Ligada iSuite HbbTV test tool.

Application authors can hire daily access to this lab of receivers, so that they can test and debug on a variety of receivers on just one location with state of the art facilities. This greatly reduces time to market and ensures the highest quality and most interoperable applications are developed.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of our HbbTV testing experts' support and advice with our workshops. The workshops are flexibly arranged so that each session is specific to each developer's requirements, and the client can drive the agenda to make the most out of our expertise and experience.

Application Testing Service

With the Preliminary HbbTV Conformance Test Suite currently unavailable and HbbTV enabled receivers often behaving differently due to browser integration issues, it is clear that developers need to test their HbbTV applications on the widest possible selection of receivers to ensure a high quality consumer experience. Digital TV Labs' strong foundation of expertise in HbbTV enables us to offer an independent testing service that is not constrained by assumptions and ensures the widest possible coverage.

We can ensure each application is fully compatible with the wide range of HbbTV receivers in the market, with systematic testing, comprehensive reporting and test plans individually designed to fit each client's requirements.


Ligada HbbTV Validator

With HbbTV being HTML based, many developers are accustomed to using standard web application validation tool. This however can be in insufficient and create errors during execution as HbbTV utilises only a reduced sub-set of standard web applications. This is where Ligada HbbTV Validator can help.


For more information on our validation services for HbbTV application developers, please refer to the attached datasheet or contact us.

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