Freeview Certification Solutions

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Official pass reports and pre-conformance services for Freeview UK, Australia and New Zealand logos (including HbbTV profiles).

Key Benefits:

  • Quick, efficient certification services
  • Local test facilities in your time zone and a range of languages
  • Fully equipped debug hosting facilities available 7 days a week
  • Experienced test engineers to explain test cases and assist with debugging
  • Avoid long and costly retests for pre-conformance certifications

Complete Logo Testing and Approval Services

As a ISO 17025:2005 accredited Test Laboratory, we provide support services to manufacturers seeking self-certification for UK Freeview logos.

Freeview UK Logos

Digital TV Labs has full access to all of the latest DTG test suites, providing coverage the UK Freeview logos.

Our official test reports can be used for direct Freeview logo applications, taking out the need for manufacturers to go through DTG Testing to achieve approval.

With the pressure of time to market and many companies initially failing the tests and requiring a retest, reducing the overall testing time is vital. Digital TV Labs uses the same processes and tests as DTG Testing, so is able to provide complete pretesting services for all of the above logos. Our detailed test reports and debug hosting facilities enable manufacturers to ensure their receivers are ready for clean passes through the DTG conformance regime.

For more information regarding obtaining a Freeview Logo, please click here.

Freeview Australia Logos

Digital TV Labs is an Official Approved Test Centre for Freeview Australia conformance testing. Our pass reports are required for manufacturers wishing to deploy devices with the Freeview Australia logo. We also provide HbbTV testing, including HbbTV 1.5 for FreeviewPlus service.


Freeview New Zealand Logos

Digital TV Labs is also an Official Approved Test Centre for Freeview New Zealand conformance testing. Manufacturers who require a pass report to apply for the various Freeview New Zealand logos and associated access to the Freeview EPG can achieve certification directly through us.


Debug Hosting Service

With vast experience in digital receiver testing, Digital TV Labs is uniquely placed to assist manufacturers in replicating and understanding any issues, so that they can be quickly resolved and validated.

We can provide full access to all of the test suites and test materials 7 days a week at our fully equipped hosting facilities, so that test streams can be replayed and issues can be debugged and resolved.

Alternatively, our experienced engineers can travel to our clients' development facilities with a complete playout kit and all of the test suites, saving time, effort and money.

For more details on the Freeview testing services that we offer, please contact us.

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