Consumer Electronics

Digital TV Labs understands the huge challenges for CE manufacturers and semiconductor suppliers to simultaneously meet the many differing requirements of multiple countries and operators.

With our roots in the CE industry, we are able to offer minimal test lead times, multiple debug-hosting facilities and a well recognised reputation of providing high levels of service and support- enabling our clients get to market on time and meet their demanding deadlines.

Our Consumer Electronics Solutions


HbbTV & Connected TV

Products and services to test and certify HbbTV enabled and connected receivers.



Digital TV Labs’s HEVC for DVB Test Suite exercises receiver support for the very latest DVB standards that specify the technical details of broadcast UHDTV HEVC deployments. Includes 4K, HD and interoperability content from leading encoder manufacturers.


Evora iSuite for DVB

A global, web-based interactive DVB receiver test framework for highly productive validation against multiple specifications.

DVB and Connected Device Testing Services

Digital TV Labs offer a wide range of DVB and Connected Device Testing Services, from pre-testing through to certification and much more.


Freeview Certification Solutions

Official pass reports and pre-conformance services for Freeview UK, Australia and New Zealand logos, including HbbTV profiles.


Audio Testing Services

Digital TV Labs provides a range of services for those seeking to test audio standards and we have many years experience working with world leading audio technology companies, broadcasters and CE manufacturers. 


Official HE-AAC for DVB Test Suite

Our MPEG-4 HE-AAC audio compliance test is designed to measure compliance for High Efficiency-Advanced Audio Coding (HE-AAC), an MPEG standard, at the forefront of technological developments in audio codec.

Ligada iSuite for DASH & DASH Pro

MPEG-DASH seeks to simplify adaptive streaming, offering broadcasters and operators the ability to simplify encoding and distribution methodologies. Ligada iSuite for DASH is a DASHAVC-264 and DASH265 profile Test Suite designed to test conformance and interoperability of the standard.

Dolby Testing Services

Dolby testing, hosting and debugging services for broadcast devices, including Internet enabled devices. Coverage includes Dolby Digital Plus, MS10 and MS11.


Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) Certification

Digital TV Labs is a DLNA accredited Independent Certification Vendor (ICV) providing complete Testing, Hosting and Certification services for hardware devices and software applications.


CI+ Certification Services

As the official LLP Approved CI+ Test Centre, Digital TV Labs provides certification testing services and can assist operators in building CI+ conformance regimes.

RF & VRF Testing

Digital TV Labs provides specialist, independent RF testing for DVB-T2/T/C/S standards. Our confidential and professional testing services ensure receivers are fully conformant to any combination of specifications.