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Digital TV Labs

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Global digital media and device testing products and services for the consumer electronics industry as well as operators, broadcasters and regulators.

A UKAS accredited test laboratory No.8159 to ISO/IEC 17025.

Latest News from Digital TV Labs

Digital TV Labs Awarded HbbTV Association Tender to Develop an HbbTV2.0 Test Suite

Digital TV Labs has won a tender from the HbbTV Association to develop the tests for key new technologies of companion screen and media and device synchronisation for the HbbTV 2.0 test suite - the next generation of the widely deployed DVB broadcast hybrid standard. HbbTV 2.0, which also includes HTML 5.0, HEVC and DVB DASH amongst other technologies, enables richer consumer services and new opportunities to monetise content for broadcasters and operators.

Digital TV Labs to Become First Approved Lab for Malaysian DTT HbbTV Receivers

Digital TV Labs has been awarded accreditation from the Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) to become the first lab facility for the Malaysian Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcast Service Receiver Specification, including the interactive HbbTV profile. 

Digital TV Labs Announce World’s First Independent ‘HbbTV App Lab’ for HbbTV Developers

Digital TV Labs has recently launched the world’s first independent ‘HbbTV App Lab’ which enables developers to test their HbbTV applications on a wide range of real HbbTV devices to ensure interoperability in the real world. 

Digital TV Labs Announce World’s First HbbTV 2.0 Test Suite

Digital TV Labs are in the process of developing the world’s first HbbTV 2.0 test suite which will include DVB DASH and Microsoft PlayReady DRM. It will ensure compliance with the technical specification outlined as part of the recently announced Freeview connected service which is currently being developed by Digital UK. Digital TV Labs has been awarded the contract to develop the official test suite to support the service. 

Contracts Awarded and Tech Details Available for Connected Freeview Service

Digital UK today announced the signing of major contracts to build and test a new Freeview branded connected TV service.

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